Does HTML5 First, Flash Fallback really work?

For a very long time I've had problem with publishing my training programs to the LMS set for "HTML5, then Flash".  Here's the problem:

People are logging into the LMS and if their browser is set to block flash it will block it -- it won't first try going to HTML5.  At least this is my suspicion, I'm not really sure how I"d validate that.

But anecdotally I have validated it, I think, by taking the same course and publishing it as "HTML5 Only", and then nobody has a problem with it.

Has anyone else run into this issue?  Maybe it's just me? But HTML5 FIRST and Flash second doesn't seem to work for me. I'm just going trough my 100 presenter files and disabling flash when publishing.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Jim,

Some browsers like Chrome are blocking Flash by default, and I have heard more and more browsers may go that route.

If you've published with HTML5 first that should take care of the situation - and an easy way to test that out is looking at the end of the URL to see if it indicates Flash - story_flash.html or HTML5 - story_html5.html. That URL ending will always appear in the web output - but some LMSs create their own URLs. 

Have you also tried running it in SCORM Cloud to see if the LMS is impacting the HTML5 behavior as appearing first? Here's some troubleshooting steps to go through to test it in SCORM Cloud. 

I'd love to hear what others in the ELH community have run into - so hopefully they'll be able to share here! 

Jim Powell

You bring up a really good point Ashley: Have you also tried running it in SCORM Cloud to see if the LMS is impacting the HTML5 behavior as appearing first?

One customer of mine could use the content in SCORM Cloud but NOT in my LMS and I couldn't figure out why... that must be the issue, there is something in m LMS that is impacting the ability to switch on the fly from Flash to HTML5.

Ashley, is there any simple way (i.e. a function in to just say "I want to test my program in my LMS and I do not want to allow ANY flash functionality at all. Nothing.  That way I can see if anything breaks.  All my test browsers are CAPABLE of running flash so I'm never sure I'm testing it well.  I want to identify any holes and block flash utterly.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Jim, 

I'm not familiar with and how that may help you - but Studio '13(Presenter/Quizmaker) doesn't have an option to block Flash completely.  That'll be an individual setting for each user's computer and/or browsers - and it may be something controlled with an IT admin. 

With the shift to Articulate 360, we did include an option to publish for HTML5 only. You can read a bit more about that here.