Does Presenter support publishing across networks?

Forgive me if this question has been asked and answered before.

I have tried to figure out how people would word the same issue, but keep getting the link to the manual which is basically useless from a how-to perspective.

My concern deals with publishing the final product to a network drive or web server and the file structure. I have to create the program on my local disk, which by the way is not the norm for big corporations - we mostly work off of networks so our stuff is backed up on a nightly basis. It does not appear that I can simply copy over the data, player, and two .html files to another drive or server and have the program magically work.

Also, when I publish to one of our local shared drives, the exit button does not work, the screen size does not act like I asked it to - in general it is not playing well in the sandbox of network drives.

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David Anderson

Hey RC -

You should be fine copying the entire published folder and moving it over to your network directory. If you have an FTP directory, you can also use Presenter's FTP publish options to send your files to another server.

Re: Hosting published files on your network drive

This isn't recommended. Network drives aren't the same as web servers. Your IT group probably has web servers set up that you could use to share your course files. If you have SharePoint, for example, you could put your course there and serve it up.

Here's some more info on why publishing and working from network drives isn't a best practice: