Doubling tracks

I have a file (powerpoint) with much animations that I just published with Articulate. I have now a big problem because at slide 6, I hear at the same time the narration of the slide 12 and 14. When I go into the audio editor, it looks ok. All narratives are in their proper place. Then I tried to remove all the animations to see if it could be the problem. Narratives 12 and 14 have returned to their respective slides. I have no more doubling.

Is that someone could confirm that this is normal?

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Peter Anderson

Hey Mario!

Not sure if this is the reason, but if you are experiencing unexpected issues with your animations, annotations, the audio editor, or others, the issues may be related to your Regional Language Settings in a non-English Windows environment. Alternatively, if you do have an English installation of Windows, your Regional Language Settings could still be incorrect in rare instances. 

For more information on how to correct your Regional Language Settings, please see the KB article in the link below:
Peter Anderson

Hi again, Mario

Another possibility: If you have a published presentation in which audio from multiple slides is playing simultaneously, it may indicate that there are PowerPoint shapes (text boxes or objects) in your presentation that have been named with special characters. You can correct this issue. Here’s how: