Download Articulate Studio 13 only available to iPad?

Dec 01, 2015

We have created a prototype eLearning i-Tutorial for our students and other students at other universities, who we deliver material for in Articulate Studio 13. Having the prototype rolled out into production would mean an upgrade of the current traditional eLearning material to a Rapid e-Learning solution using Articulate across hundreds of i-Tutorials.

There is just one problem that stands in our way of getting it rolled out: The download ability. We have read the guidance here:<>

and we have downloaded the i-Tunes Articulate Mobile Player App

Link here:<>

However I have had colleagues report to me today that the download ability is limited to iPad only, it cannot be downloaded on Macs or i-Phones. Is this really the case? It would be so useful if the products could be downloaded and accessed without an Internet connection so students can access it in places with low Internet reception and on mobile phones and android devices.

My questions are as follows:

1. Is the Articulate Mobile Player App really only downloadable to iPads? If so, what is your strategy in terms of widening the download ability, and could you suggest a timescale in terms of your plans in this area?

2. When we downloaded our i-Tutorial product to the iPad the video in the Presenter box above the navigation panel disappeared. The Engage and Quiz interactions work OK, but we only get the audio from the video. Is there a way of rectifying this? If not, do you have any plans of evolving the download feature so one can see the video as well once it has been downloaded to the iPad?

3. When streaming our online i-Tutorial on my iPhone I can see the video, but not the slide content. I can also not see, nor hear, any of the content in the Engage interactions or Quizzes. Is there a way around this?

I would be most grateful if you would be able to get back to me as soon as you can, as for the roll out of our new and amazing i-Tutorial product built in Articulate Studio 13, much depends on the download ability and general accessibility on mobile devices.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Anne Marie!

As you can see from our system requirements here, the Articulate Mobile Player is for both Apple iOS on iPad and Android OS optimized for tablets. 

Even with Articulate Mobile Player, a Wi-Fi connection is required to initially download content for offline viewing in the Articulate Mobile Player. See this article for more information.

As far as the issues with your content, would you be able to share your Articulate Package for us to take a look?

Anne Marie Foss

Hi Leslie,

thank you for your response!

I discovered that when downloaded to iPad through the App the video doesn't show (although the audio from the video plays fine). I also discovered that the Resources have disappeared. I was advised to install the latest version of Flash by Articulate Support in the UK, so I got our IT department to install the Flash 19 flash player. The video still does not show, and the Resources don't show either in the player when downloaded on to the App.

I have attached the main project file. Would you mind having a look and see whether there are other reasons the video doesn't play and the Resources disappear?


Anne Marie Foss

Hi Leslie,

thank you for your reply. We use Studio 13 - are the features supported the same as on this list for Storyline?

Please find the Articulate package attached, great if you can see why the presenter video doesn't show when downloaded to the Articulate Mobile Player.



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Anne Marie,

Leslie shared the Studio link in her first reply in regards to the Flash, HTML5 and AMP output - and the Resources tab is not supported in AMP. In regards to the Presenter video - I did not see it included in the copy of the output you shared here? But the Presenter panel video is supported across all those outputs. 

Do you know what update of Studio '13 you're using? We're now on Update 7, and that did include a number of fixes such as the Flash issue you were describing. 

Anne Marie Foss

Hi Ashley,

We upgraded to Update 7 and republished. I then spoke with an Articulate Support person in the UK team who asked us to upgrade the computers we build the software on to Flash 19 - the latest version of the Flash Player. I got our IT department to speak with him and they then forced through the update to Flash as well, but the video still didn't show when downloaded via the app.

It is strange that you don't see the Presenter panel video in the Articulate package I sent. It is definitely there and plays perfectly when published and streamed.

Good to know the video is supported through the App - I'm just intrigued as to how we can make it show up when downloaded too. Can you think of any reason why it doesn't play?

Kind regards,

Anne Marie Foss

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Anne-Marie, 

First off, responding via email includes your signature here so you're welcome to visit this thread and remove that so that it's no longer public - but it's entirely your course. 

When you load the course on your iPad what do you see? Perhaps that'll help me identify a particular issue with the Presenter video. Could you share a screenshot of it? Have you tested just the HTML5 output vs. the ipad app? Even the HTML5 output in Chrome on your desk top? If you'd like to share a link to the course I'm also happy to test those environments on my end. 

Anne Marie Foss

Hi Ashley,

Thank you for letting my know about the signature - did I successfully remove it?

I have created another Articulate Package in case the one I sent previously was created before I got IT to upgrade to Flash 19, as instructed by the Articulate contact in the UK. This package is definitely created with Update 7 and Flash 19.

I have also included images that show what comes up on the iPad when viewing through AMP. Basically, everything plays fine, including Engages and Quizzes, apart from that you can only hear the presenter - not see her.

The HTML5 output is fine, it plays on Chrome, but the video looks black on Internet Explorer and when streamed it shows in its entirety on the iPad as well. The only unusual thing with the HTML5 version is that it looks like the video has moved to the left a little and there are black edges on top and on bottom of the video, and a white edge to the right.

I would be very grateful and impressed if you could help us get the video to play when downloaded through the App too. Thank you for taking a look!

Here are links to the published course:

Hannah updated i-Tut 1 amplaunch:


Hannah updated i-Tut 2 index:


Hannah updated i-Tut 3 index html 5:


Hannah updated i-Tut 4 presentation:


Hannah updated i-Tut 5 presentation html 5:



Anne Marie Foss

Hi Ashley,

Thank you for clarifying the iOS8 problem. We will continue the testing once we have upgraded.

Another and unrelated issue we have discovered is that when we download the zipped CD published version to PC from our server the attachments don't open when opened through Launch_Presentation after saving the downloaded folder onto the Desktop. Here is the link:

I have attached a screen grab of the windows that pop up when trying to open the Resources.

Do you know why this is, and is there a fix to this problem?


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Anne Marie for sharing a link to the CD publish. From the image it looks like the links are still referencing where they were located prior to inserting them into the course. Did you save the folder and unzip it or extract them so that the user could access all the contents? 

You may also want to review the details here on how to ensure the files will open based on security restrictions and change those settings as needed. 

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