Drag and Drop Question - incorrect feedback displayed when correct response is selected

Feb 20, 2019

Hello folks,

Drag and Drop Issues

Problem: learner selects the correct response and the incorrect feedback layer is displayed. This occurs on two drag and drop question within the course.

Issue only occurs in Explorer and not consistently. Works as expected in Chrome. This is a Studio 360 file and published as HTML5 only.

The quizzes can be viewed live on Articulate Review –

Also the Drop Target Options (Snap dropped items to drop target) and (Allow only one item in each drop target) do not work in IE, but function as expected in Chrome.

Thanks for any suggestions : )


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Mike DiFonzo


I just tested the quizzes on Articulate Review in Google Chrome and IE 11.590.17134.0, Update Version 11.0.110.

For both browsers, the incorrect layer DOES NOT show up when selecting the correct answer and your selected Drop Target Options are working as designed.

When you say it's inconsistent, is that on the same machine/browser?

I see this is a Quiz Maker file and not SL. Crazy idea, import it into Sl and see if you still have the same issue. Also, I received a warning about a missing font (Myriad). I know that's at my end but wondering if using a standard font might help? Grasping here but I saw a few people having issues.


Greg Cebuliak

Hi Mike,

thanks for taking the time to test and spitball some ideas  :)

We are looking at different machines - 6 in total. 3 worked on IE 11, including the Drop Target Options, 3 IE 11 machines displayed the incorrect slide when the correct response was selected.

I might just try the SL idea as well - no guts, no glory!

Thanks again,


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