Dubious lesson durations reported to LMS

Is there any history of SCORM 1.2-published Articulate lessons reporting incorrect times to a Moodle LMS? We have several cases where completion is reported, but with times of zero or only a few seconds. This problem is not specific to any one lesson or any one user. I've consistently used the standard SCORM 1.2 publishing selections.

I'm pretty sure I know the answer, but at our LMS vendor's insistence that the fault is within the lessons, I'm asking this question for the record.

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Justin Grenier

Hey, Wayne.

Just a thought, but enabling LMS debug mode will allow you to track precisely when Presenter submits each interaction to your LMS and then compare this with the timestamps that your LMS is reporting.  You wouldn't want to do this with a production course since it opens up an unsightly text window, but it's awesome to use for troubleshooting purposes.

Please let us know if you need anything else.  Thanks!

Wayne Vermillion

Thank you, Justin. Would that reveal the actual data being passed, specifically, time in the lesson? Or just that the parameter was passed at X time?

And for now, can I confidently tell my management that Articulate has no problem passing correct parameters to a Moodle LMS? (sorry to be so pedantic)

Justin Grenier

Hello again, Wayne.

Depending upon your LMS Output Format, the Presenter Debug Log is likely to produce fascinating output such as the following:

  • 1469:Tue Oct 23 15:24:06 UTC+0200 2012 - In AccumulateTime dtmStart=Tue Oct 23 15:14:41 UTC+0200 2012 dtmEnd=Tue Oct 23 15:24:06 UTC+0200 2012 intAccumulatedMS=5179
  • 1470:Tue Oct 23 15:24:06 UTC+0200 2012 - Accumulating Time
  • 1471:Tue Oct 23 15:24:06 UTC+0200 2012 - intAccumulatedMS=570532
  • 1472:Tue Oct 23 15:24:06 UTC+0200 2012 - In SCORM2004_SaveTime intMilliSeconds=570532
  • 1473:Tue Oct 23 15:24:06 UTC+0200 2012 - In SCORM2004_ClearErrorInfo
  • 1474:Tue Oct 23 15:24:06 UTC+0200 2012 - In ConvertMilliSecondsIntoSCORM2004Time intTotalMilliseconds=570532
  • 1475:Tue Oct 23 15:24:06 UTC+0200 2012 - Returning-PT9M30.53S
  • 1476:Tue Oct 23 15:24:06 UTC+0200 2012 - strISO8601Time=PT9M30.53S
  • 1477:Tue Oct 23 15:24:06 UTC+0200 2012 - SCORM2004_CallSetValue strElement=cmi.session_time, strValue=PT9M30.53S

As for whether Presenter is known to pass dubious lesson durations to the LMS, this would certainly be news to me.  ...but please do let us know if your Debug Logs demonstrate otherwise!