Duplicated audio in embed Vimeo videos

In Firefox 29.01.1, I'm experiencing double audio of my Vimeo videos that are embedded into Presenter as web objects-- the videos are set to autoplay.


I definitely need autoplay to work... any ideas why this is happening and how to fix?

It's an html5 presentation issue?

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Favio,

On the first slide in the project you shared, I didn't hear the double audio. However, on the third (I believe) slide with the second video, I definitely heard the "echo"/doubled audio. 


Is the video on the first slide doing this on your end? If not, is it a different type of video? 

Have you tested this in Flash/HTML output? Does the same thing happen?

If you still have trouble, you're welcome to create an Articulate Package and share the file here. We could take a look at what's happening and see if there's a way to get that audio to behave or determine if this is server/HTML5-specific.



Equipo eLearning

Yes, I hear the echo/double audio in the first slide too. Sometimes you have to pause the video and the ghost audio will continue running in the background.

No, in Flash/HTML mode these presentations work ok. We need the html5 for multi devices browsing of our courses. I will send you the package, thanks!

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Favio,

Thanks for sharing your project!

I published for Web, just to test this and uploaded it to my testing server:

HTML5 Output

Flash Output

The Flash version plays very well. The HTML5 version, I see the same behavior you mentioned. 

I also tested this in Firefox, and the same issue occurs. The issue is definitely specific to HTML5. I also tested the Vimeo URL/code you provided in Storyline, just for testing and it seems to function properly:

HTML5 Output

Flash Output

Now, I don't use Vimeo very often. From what I see on their site, however, you should be able to access an embed code. If you're able to get this from the original video, that might help. 

If not and you'd just like to get this up and running, you could create a recording of the video and insert that into your slides. Be sure you have permission to do this, or ask the original author for the video files. 

Let me know if you're able to find that code from the site, or if you're able to try another method. Either way, we'll want to find out what might be causing this. 



Equipo eLearning

Thanks Christine,

It seems to be an issue in Presenter 13 when Vimeo videos are embed in html5. I'm the author of the videos, my courses have this kind of content very often. For ie. this is the code for one of these videos:

< i f r a m e    src="//player.vimeo.com/video/97132255?title=0&byline=0&portrait=0" width="720" height="405" frameborder="0" webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen>< / i f r a m e >

and as web object:


I choosed Vimeo because its hosting tools. It offers embed-restrictions per domain (not used in these videos) and the possibility to replacement for the video file mantaining the original link. Youtube has not these privacy's advantages. Wistia is much more expensive. Otherwise, inserting video files make a great difference in transfer costs and smooth view.

Storyline doesn't show this issue, so I think it's a Presenter 13 issue, what do you think? I'm following the normal procedure for embeding videos. First I tried with "video from web" and then with "web objects", but the duplicated audio is allways there in html5.

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Favio,

The Vimeo response:

..."It seems like that's what's causing the issue here. It's embedding the video twice for some reason."

That's entertaining! :)

Storyline doesn't show this issue, so I think it's a Presenter 13 issue, what do you think? I'm following the normal procedure for embeding videos. First I tried with "video from web" and then with "web objects", but the duplicated audio is allways there in html5.

I agree, it sounds specific to HTML5 and Presenter '13, but I'm not sure if it's limited to just those 2. 

Thank you for sharing that embed code! I used it to embed the video you shared in a new project. I published for "Web" and uploaded to my server for testing:

Testing For Favio Embed Code (Flash)

Testing For Favio Embed Code (HTML5)


Both versions seem to work well for me. I moved around in the timeline of the video as much as possible in the HTML5 version and I don't hear any overlapping. 

This makes me think that it may be specific to Vimeo videos and HTML5, and only specific to the web object method in Presenter '13. I published another project with a YouTube video, and inserted using the Web Object method:

Testing For Favio YouTube Web Object (Flash)

Testing For Favio YouTube Web Object (HTML5)


This works well on my end.

So, it looks like this may be specific to HTML5 + Vimeo videos + Presenter '13, or possibly the additional code provided in the URL for the Vimeo web object. Or it could possibly be specific to those particular videos. 

I decided to test out your Vimeo videos along with others, to see if there's any difference. In slide one, I used the URL for your video and did not include the additional code/commands in the URL. In the second slide, I used the same URL, with the additional code. In the third slide, I used a different video and did not use any additional code in the URL. On the fourth slide, I used the additional code in the URL for the new video. 

This is the video I used for testing:



Testing For Favio Vimeo Code Video Test (Flash)

Testing For Favio Vimeo Code Video Test (HTML5)

Actually - all of these look good at the moment. I feel like I may be missing something - the Autoplay seems to be missing from the last link that you shared. Perhaps this is what's causing the overlapping audio. I just checked the original package you shared and I do see that the addition of "&autoplay=1" is present in the file, but not the link in your most recent response. 

I added to the last file - I included another slide for your original video that includes the auto play and I did the same for the new video. 

Testing For Favio Vimeo Code Autoplay (Flash)

Testing For Favio Vimeo Code Autoplay (HTML5)

Oddly enough - they're all playing well for me. 

It looks like we may need to go back to testing the original file. However, before I do so, can you please take a look at the last project and let me know if you're able to get the audio to overlap?

Thanks, Favio!


Equipo eLearning

Thank you very much for you dedicated response and sorry my brief response, my English is poor.

Yes, I forgot the "&autoplay=1" in my embed code and I know that if I omit this addition, every video slide plays fine. I have already tested that and this is why my embeded code didn't have the autoplay. In any case, the slide 3 in your last html5 test at http://chendrickson.articulatetest.com/forumfiles/Testing%20For%20Favio%20Vimeo%20Code%20Autoplay/presentation_html5.html is what I trying to do.

I see the same results in all your tests, so this remains as a misterious behavior of html5 presentations in the latest FF version.

I will try to remove some powerpoint animations, maybe this is the problem. I will also try with other streaming services as Wistia or Vzaar, in case this issue is about the Vimeo player.

I will let you know soon. If anybody there among Articulate staff has a workaround, please let me know.