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Tucker MacGregor

The Audio Editor is still crashing. I just went through and individually duplicated and then deleted the original slide and it brought the Total Duration as listed in the Slide Properties to where it should be at 156:14, but when I published it and did preview it was back to 10 seconds. And when I went back into Slide Properties it was back to 10 seconds there also.

It seems to have a real problem with those two 5 second slides I added at the end...

Brian Batt

Hi Tucker,

It sounds like you have the default for "slides without audio or animation display for X seconds" set to 10 seconds.  You can change this back to 5 by clicking on the Articulate menu > Presentation Options > Publish tab.

In regards to the Audio Editor crashing, this issue may be related to your Regional settings:


If you continue to have problems, please see the link below:


Tucker MacGregor


I checked the Regional Settings which were correct. The Audio Editor crashes if you hover over the tool bar, but I can use the menu to Import/Export, Save/Close. I tried exporting and importing to no avail.

I also followed the steps in the second link which did not help and were quite extreme - I've yet to have time to recover all the stuff that got stepped on by uninstalling all the .NET Frameworks.

However, I can't believe this is as bad as it appears. I have tried pasting the slides into a new presentation and that fixes the Total Duration - but there is no audio attached. If I import the audio, I lose the Total Duration - it shows in the Slide Properties but not in the actual training. I re-imported the audio on the original presentation and the reported duration is more than it should be in properties but still zero in the actual training. Also, now the actual elapsed time is no longer continuing across slides - it resets when it moves to a new slide.

Alot of these steps are quite time-consuming - I've now spent days trying to fix this simple problem. I've seen the problem on two different systems so it's either consistently in the software or the slides I don't know which.

Any thoughts? What else can I back track on short of starting from scratch?


Brian Batt

Tucker MacGregor said:

One system has Trend Micro, the is supposed to have it but doesn't have any AV. I have requested it be reinstalled, but the question arose were you concerned if there was a restrictive AV or no AV?

Yes, restrictive anti-virus programs are always a concern. Since the other machine didn't even have AV installed, would you mind submitting a support case so that we can take a closer look into the issue?