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Hello there,

I was hoping that someone may be able to help me with some background information on the  E-Learning Heroes community. I am studying a post graduate certificate in E-Learning and one of my units this semester is based on online learning communities. I want investigate the E-Learning Heroes community. I have started using Articulate to produce workplace training packages. I am based in Australia and to date I am not aware of any formal  training courses run in the use of  the Articulate software so I have found the the community posts very helpful.

As founders of the community I am hoping you can provide  information pertaining to:

  • The learning community's purpose, the learning approach (for example, collaborative, communication, reflection, problem solving)
  • The type of learning environment you wanted to create;
  • Who initiated and promoted the community?
  • What timeframe was involved for the community to become exactly that?
  • What are the technical aspects involved (including technical support)
  • How do you go about offering implementation and training?

I hope someone is able to help me withobtaining this information. I have only been using Articulate for 6 months but I feel the community you have created is a positive, productive and trustful one.

Thank you


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