Editing the AICC Files

Obviously when you publish to AICC you get 4 "course" files.  .au, .crs, .cst and .des. 

After opening all of these files in notepad, it appears that I need to edit the course.au file.  I know I need to paste in the path to my index_lms.html file, but beyond that.  I'm not sure what (if any) of this data needs to be updated.

Here is what i got for my course.au:

"A001","presentation","http://www.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.com/encompass/index_lms.html","","","","","","Articulate Presenter","","",""

Is there a roadmap somewhere out there describing what each "field" in these comma delimited files are?  How do i know what i need to edit????

Thanks in advance,

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M. Bosscher

Basically on a cloud server.  Was much much (did i say much?) cheaper to host it externally as our file size grew and our audience grew.  Our LMS guy is just as naive to AICC as I am. 

Be nice if somewhere out there we could find a description for all of those comma delimited fields in those 4 AICC files. 

Justin Wilcox

Do you have resume enabled in your content? If you do and bookmarking is not working then that is likely due to not using one of the relay files to get your content to play. Unfortunately, bookmarking in a cross domain environment does not work. Using one of the relay files should allow you to bookmark, though.