Editing the AICC Files

Mar 02, 2012

Obviously when you publish to AICC you get 4 "course" files.  .au, .crs, .cst and .des. 

After opening all of these files in notepad, it appears that I need to edit the course.au file.  I know I need to paste in the path to my index_lms.html file, but beyond that.  I'm not sure what (if any) of this data needs to be updated.

Here is what i got for my course.au:

"A001","presentation","http://www.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.com/encompass/index_lms.html","","","","","","Articulate Presenter","","",""

Is there a roadmap somewhere out there describing what each "field" in these comma delimited files are?  How do i know what i need to edit????

Thanks in advance,

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