Effective Course Tracking Possibilities

Mar 29, 2011

Eager to know if there is an option [or set of options] on enabling which the user gets the feedback:

1. Incomplete, if the user quits the quiz [series of questions] after the course in between

2. Failed, if the user fails the quiz 3 times [the number of attempts assigned was 3]

3. Passed, on completion of course and scoring x% of marks in quiz.

Ref: http://twitter.com/#!/elearning/status/52731030666350592

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Dave Mozealous

Hey Asish,

Have you thought about using SCORM 2004?  That is somewhat the default behavior in SCORM 2004.  SCORM 2004 allows for us to pass a completion status, and a success status.  If you leave early the status will be set "incomplete" for completion status, and success status will be set to 'failed' on exit early, but if you resume, and finish the course it sets completion status to "complete" and success status to whatever the outcome of the course was (passed or failed).

Check out this screencast for a better explanation:



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