EI 10 and Mozilla 5.0 - do they work for presenter?

Mar 18, 2013


I wonder if someone experience problem with presenter and EI 10? I have an old course (2008) it contains ten separate chapters (separate published) and it's spreads via LMS. Each chapter is "closed" on three slides. I mean that a pearson has to watch minimum three slides so the next chapter opens. It worked well untill people started using IE 10. They do all necessary number of slides but the next chaper doesn't open any more. Our LMS provider says that the problem is Presenter and EI 10. Can it be true?

Thanks for help.

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Peter Anderson

Hi Olga!

It's possible that IE 10 is causing the issue. It may also be an issue with your particular LMS. I'd recommend trying a couple different things:

  • Try switching on Compatibility View in IE 10
  • Test your course in SCORM Cloud to help us determine if the issue is Articulate-related or if it's on your LMS's side. If it appears in SCORM Cloud as well, we'd be happy to take a closer look at what might be going on. If you can't replicate the issue in SCORM Cloud, it's probably an issue that you'd want to take to your LMS team. The articles here and here may also help clear up common LMS issues.

Thanks, Olga!

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