Elapsed time not showing up on published course for Web


In the past when I published to LMS I've always been able to display the elapsed/total time for my learner on the Topbar left.

Now I'm publishing for the web. Everything is working fine except the elapsed/total time is missing. 

I'm using the same player settings I always use (see attached screenshot).

Am I doing something wrong? Is this a known issue? 

I'm running on a PC, using Chrome. Supposed to push this out to learners tomorrow . . .


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Ali Goulet

Hey Michael!

Thanks for reaching out and sharing that screenshot! 

I'm happy to help, and I have a couple questions to start:

  1. What version of Studio are you using, and are you running the latest update for your version? There was an issue similar to this fixed in a recent update for Studio '13, so double check and make sure you don't have any pending.
  2. If you're running the latest update for your version, can you share your course files in an Articulate Package so I can do some testing? Here's how to create one