Email Report not populated in IE9

I can't find the security or privacy settings that will allow IE9 to create a Quizmaker Report using IE9 as the browser that has the quiz results in the email body. Everything works fine in Chrome or Firefox.

I've gone through the threads and tried everything I could find. No apostrophes, no quizes larger than 13 questions, no long questions. Set security and privacy setting to recommended defaults.

What might have I forgotten or missed.

Thanks in advance.

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Doyle,

Sorry to hear about the trouble. Thanks for sharing the steps you've already taken to work on this. 

Please try these steps:

  • 1) Make sure you are using the most recent release of Flash player for this version of Internet Explorer. To check your version, please go to this site.
  • 2) Try clearing your cache. You can do this in Internet Explorer by going to Tools -> Internet Options -> General -> Temporary Internet Files and select Delete Cookies and Delete Files
  • 3) Under the Security tab, click on the Internet, Local intranet, Trusted Sites, and Restricted Sites and select Default level for each. 
  • 4) Under the Privacy tab make sure that is set to the Default level. 
  • 5) Under Advanced click Restore advanced settings and click OK. 
  • 6) Restart the web browser.

If the quiz still won't populate properly, we'd be happy to take a look. If you have the quiz inserted into a Presenter presentation, please create a Presenter Package. If the quiz functions the same way when run as a standalone quiz, we may need the .QUIZ file. Please submit a support case and include the files on the second page of the form. Also, please share your case number with me. I'll be able to confirm receipt of the files and follow the case progress.


Christine Hendrickson

Hmm. Sorry about that, but thanks for trying again. The only other thing that comes to mind without seeing the files is the pop-up blocker, but if you're seeing the initial window, I don't think this would impact it.

Any chance you can send us the files so we can take a look and do a bit of browser testing? You should be able to create a package or upload the files using the links I provided earlier. 

Thanks Doyle!