Emailing/sharing a custom color scheme with a colleague


I created a draft custome color scheme to be used as a template for my company's elearning courses made in Articulate.  I'm in Philly and my colleague is in Pittsburgh and I'm trying to share the color scheme with her. I would think that all she would have to do is save the file I sent in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Articulate\Presenter\color schemes folder and open it in presenter in the player options.  She said she can't even Save the attachment.  Any ideas?

Thanks so much,


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Jordyn Matusevich


I shared the file with her over our shared drive and she was able to put the file in her color schemes folder. However, when she opened up powerpoint, the color scheme was not in her list of schemes in the dropdown.  She noticed a few others were missing from the dropdown that were in her folder (ex. White '09).  Hmm...

Brian Batt

Hi Jordyn,

Can you have your colleague right click the color scheme, choose Properties, and verify that "Read Only" is not selected?

Also, can you verify that she put the file in the right location?

If she continues to have issues, she can add the color scheme manually using the method below:

1.  Click on the Articulate menu & choose Player Templates

2.  Select the Colors tab

3.  Choose Edit Color Schemes

4.  Choose Load

5.  Browse for the color scheme file & click Open

Let me know if there's anything else that I can do!

Jordyn Matusevich

I just created a custom color scheme in the player template using our company colors.  Are you familiar with the color scheme part of the player template? Once you create the color scheme template that you like, you can share it with the rest of your IDs using the steps Brian gave me above.