Embed Vimeo video into Articulate Presenter '13

Hi.  Whenever I paste the embed code into the proper location in ppt, the video never plays for me when published in Articulate.  What am I doing wrong? I have checked all my settings in Vimeo (embed anywhere, etc).  I can attach he vimeo link to an image and users can see the video that way, no problem, but I want to keep users on our LMS as much as possible. 

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Crystal Horn

Hey there, Becky.  I'd love to see if I can help!  Let me check my understanding:  You're using this process to add a video from a website. After publishing and uploading your package to your LMS, however, the video won't play on the slide.

  • Is the video set to play automatically?
  • Is the video set to play in the slide?  Is there any difference if you set the video to play in a new browser window?  I realize you'd like it to stay in the slide, though.
  • Does the course launch in a new window from the LMS, or does it launch within the LMS interface?  If it launches in the same window, is there any difference if you launch the entire course in a new window?

Thanks for troubleshooting this behavior with me!  Let me know what you find.