Embedded files do not work


I have been trying to embed files in articulate and none of the embedding has been working. I have attempted a web page, a captivate file, etc...

The web page will open in preview, but when I publish it, it does not open.

The captivate file at first says 'Loading...' in the upper right corner in Safari and in Firefox it claims it cannot find the file (shouldn't it be embedded?) Plus, when I follow the path, I find the fle. I.E. opens the folder the files are in, but I was not expecting that to work due to the info. I've found on I.E. issues with web objects.

The files work when they're not embedded, but once I put them in and publish it seems like something breaks down.


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jessica Brie

Hi Brian,

Thanks for the welcome. I wish I could but I don't have the ability to upload and test the content. I'd read that is one of the best things to do, but I thought it would have worked in ONE of these browsers!

Also, it concerns me that it's looking for the embedded file locally. Is that something you've come across previously?