Embedded recording in ppt

Jan 22, 2014

I have a file that has embedded audio in the powerpoint file.  When I use Studio '13 to import into a course the audio does not come through.  Looking at the audio editor, it does not look like any sound exists.  It is there in the ppt version. How do I get the sound working?

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Pam Mallin

This was done in the supported manner. 

Presenter supports PowerPoint narration recorded in the following manner:

  • PowerPoint 2013: Slide Show > Record Slide Show

I am the one that actually recorded it. So done in the supported format.  I see the audio bar moving with each slide but no sound coming out from my computer when running as an articulate file. Yes, my audio is on!

 I purchased Studio so our SMEs would record in ppt via Slide Show and we could publish fairly easily. Any ideas?

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Pam!

Can you check through this article to be sure that you are following the same scenarios. I know that this document is for '09, but it does go over some common audio issues. So, be sure that you are working locally, and that you have the latest update of Studio '13.

Is it just happening in this project or can you re-create this error in a new project?

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