Embedded.wav files missing after course publish to LMS

Apr 25, 2011


I am currently developing a course with 180 + slides.   I recently embedded all of my audio files, created and recorded separately using Adobe Audition and saved in the .wav format.  Once I published my course for LMS Scorm 1.2 I reviewed the course and confirmed that my audio was in fact in the course and playable.  I had a few audio changes and went back in to my PowerPoint to update 1 of 180 slides.  All of the audio was missing or no longer associated with the course.  I have very specific file structure that does not change, so neither the location of the PowerPoint nor the location of the audio files were changed. 

This is the second time this has happened with the course.  As I’m sure you're aware if I were to try to add all 180 audio files at one time, Articulate will not process that much data well.  I try to work in 25 - 50 slide chunks because, again from past experience I’ve found that trying to embed all of the audio files at one time never seems to work.

I have lost HOURS with this audio issue.  Is there a way to save the missing audio files without me having to go back in and re-embed all of these files?

Please help this is becoming very frustrating!!!!!!!!!

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