Embedding captivate files that open in another window

Hi there

apologies if this has been answered before however i am not having much luck locating an answer. I am trying to embed a captivate web object into my articulate project. I want the Captivate movie to open in a seperate window (Fullscreen). However i need the file to be part of the total web package export and not a link to external content..(I cannot be sure that the end user will have access to this content)

I have tried publishing to cd and the exe works fine (doing exactly what i need it to do) however i need to distribute this e-learning via cornerstone lms. The exported index.htm file included in the cd package will not launch the captivate movies.

Any help would be appreciated


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Minh-Triet Nguyen

Hello Noel,

Caveat: I don't use Cornerstone LMS so I can't help you there, but I frequently include Captivate 4 software demos and simulations in my Presenter courses too.  My usual process is to publish the Captivate movie with the settings to publish to its own folder. So an example.cp file gets an example folder containing example.swf and example.htm.  Then rename the example.HTM file to index.htm. 

In Presenter, Insert Web Object and find the example folder.  It won't let you pick a file to launch, because it's looking for the index.htm file automatically. That's why I renamed the HTM file.  At publish time, Articulate will copy all the files in the example folder and include them in the output undera  ./data/web_objects folder.