Embedding Raptivity Game into Presenter

May 11, 2011

Hello. I am trying to embed a Raptivity Game I have created to the end of my Articulate course and let it be the quiz for the course. I selected 'flash movie' and tried to embed it that way but when I went to publish it, it didn't work. I got the following instructions from Raptivity over a year ago and it doesn't match with what Articulate screens look/read.

Do you have any instructions on how to make these two work together?

Old Raptivity Instructions:

2. Go to the slide in the PowerPoint Presentation on which you wish to include Raptivity interaction.

3. Save the presentation and go to the menu 'Articulate->Insert Flash Movie...'.

4. Follow the instruction after clicking the 'Insert Flash Movie...' menu.

5. Select the display options for the Flash movie as 'Display in slide' and then click 'Next'.

6. Select the Raptivity interaction. To do this, select the path for the flash file output of the interactivity which is present in the 'Publish' directory of the interactivity. Click 'Next'.

7. Select the second option from the dropdown ‘Play Flash Movie After Slide Has Begun’.

8. Select the two options: 'Allow player to control inserted Flash movie' and 'Set the slide's navigation to advance by user'.’Click Next’ and then ‘Finish’.

9. Right click on the slide and go to properties.

10. Set the below parameters to ‘True’



11. Save the presentation.

12. Go to the menu ‘Articulate->Publish’

13. Select the option 'Web' from left side menu in the Publish frame.

14. Select the Publish Location as 'Folder'. This will show the default presentation path.

15. In the 'Properties' frame:

a. Specify the required Published title.

b. In the 'Presenter:' box select 'Use slide-level presenters'.

16. Click 'Publish'. This will publish the presentation and launch the presentation in Articulate.

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