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Why you ask? In a university or other educational institution the reality is that a great many academics aka teachers have neither the time nor the inclination to master Storyline and nor would work with it often enough to keep their skills efficient ...however from my experience they are more open to trying Studio13 AND are more likely to revisit the product when next they need to build a module after all it is just "PowerPoint on steroids right?" that line has "sold" a great many academics on Articulate for the last 8 years. If you are interested in how I use Studio for these "customers" please visit my blog post "Articulate Studio '13 ... Hello Boys I'm Back!".  Also I have found that Studio 13 (and even 09) used this way, will improve the pedagogy of their  curriculum so much that almost any time strapped teacher will make the effort to learn it and use it.

I am interested to know the opinions of others in the HE sector, especially universities, but I strongly believe the quickest way to roll out the use of Articulate as a tool for improving interactive student centric social constructivist curriculum is to promote (and supply of course) Articulate Studio 13 with a campus wide license to all academics AND provide additional licenses for Storyline to the learning designers and educational technologists who support them.  It is not a question of which is the "better" product but which will be used the most and meet the needs of the user.  More of the actual teachers using the software more of the time, is a win/win situation for everyone, especially the students.

OK that's why I want to master embedding storyline interactions into learning modules (they are really not "courses" in the HE use of the word) and with use of the excellent resources of eLearning Bros  (especially the Storyline assets)  it takes this to a even more creative and productive level with less effort.  Teachers would provide content for selected interactions especially smart games and scenarios to their learning centres (the usual home of elearning designers and educational technologists) where it could be assembled in Storyline and the digital assets (zipped folder) and method of install shown to the academics to embed this into the chosen place in their Studio 13 Pro modules. The result is better pedagogy with less work - they are time strapped anyway ... I have had that message from hundreds of academics over the last 15 years and you know what I believe them.

This is what I know so far.  

  1. I can publish a Storyline interaction on the web, and use the URL to embed a web object into Presenter 13.  Result: It works in Firefox on a PC and Safari on a Mac but NOT Firefox and Chrome on a Mac surprisingly.  Of course it wont work on an iPad either as when you click on the slide in the Articulate player it goes to the URL identifies it needs the player and shows in the presentation window that you need the player and to go get it from Apple.
  2. I went searching and found this Support post "How to Insert Storyline Content into Articulate Presenter" so I tried that. The good news is of course the storyline interaction assets load with the Studio module and it now works in Firefox on a Mac as well. BUT it still wont work in Chrome on the Mac nor the biggie on an iPad for the same reason as above.

Help Please! Can anyone help me to get this to work especially on an iPad.  The Storyline Interaction in question is "Beat the Banker"  a smart game and excellent module review formative assessment.

Articulate if you are reading this? IMHO if this was seamless, especially for iPads, you will be far more successful rolling out your excellent software with the coalface of teaching in Higher Education.

I look forward to others joining the conversation and would really appreciate a solution.


Allan Carrington
MEd, MIM, Cert. IV AWT, Dip Tech (Management)
Learning Designer, Educational Technology Consultant
and Proprietor of Designing Outcomes

Email: allan@designingoutcomes.net
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Apple Distinguished Educator and winner of a 2012 OLT National Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning and the 2011 University of Adelaide Award for Excellence in Support of the Student Experience

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