End course button using Articulate Presenter

I'm pretty new to the Articulate suite and am trying to deploy a short micro-learning series on different producers of products carried in our stores. Each mini-course ends with three knowledge check questions (build in Quizmaker), the quiz result slide, then the conclusion slide. I have the exit button set on the player, but it is not concluding the course even though all slides are reviewed and the quiz successfully completed. I want to add a button on the final slide that makes clear to click to end the course and triggers the LMS to recognize the course as complete. How can I do this?

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Sarah Bezanson

Hi Alyssa,

When using the exit button on the player, the course will exit, but the LMS reflects it as incomplete/still in progress even when the quiz has been successfully passed and all slides viewed. What I want to have happen is that the exit button (either from the player or from creating a button on the slide itself) triggers the LMS to recognize the course as complete.