Engage inserted as swf into Articulate Presenter

I've inserted an Engage interaction into Articulate Presenter as a swf.  When it loads in Firefox, it's perfect.  When it loads in IE, it displays off center and parts of the interaction are invisible.  When you refresh IE or come back to the interaction a second time, it loads perfectly.  See images below.

Correct in Firefox:

 Incorrect in IE (just the first load); second loads/refreshes show correctly like the image above:

Any ideas on how to fix this seemily IE issue?

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Brenda Heilman

I decided to do a work around by inserting the engage interaction into a Captivate file, then inserting that file into Articulate.  It works perfectly, as long as I remember to copy the files over each time I publish!

Inserting the interaction as a web object worked also, but didn't keep the transparent background (it was a white background), so the Captivate option worked best.