Engage interaction into Presenter: Can't Preview or Publish


I have created an interaction (Media Panel) using Engage 13.

And then published it to Presenter 13 as a SLIDE.

Got the message that it is published successfully.

And in the Presented, I can see the slide.

However, I can not Preview the interaction, Publish the interaction. These buttons became unresponsive (nothing is happening when I click on these buttons).

Also, [Edit in Engage] and [Edit Properties] buttons on the slide itself - these are also not responsive.

 I have followed the tutorial "http://community.articulate.com/tutorials/products/publishing-an-interaction-to-articulate-presenter.aspx" 

I have attached the *.ppt file (that is showing the Engage interaction as a slide)


siva jasthi

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Siva Jasthi

Leslie -  Thanks for your response.

I am using office 2007. And upgraded it to 2010. Still the same issue. The ribbon is unresponsive when it comes to Publish, Preview, Player buttons.

I tried to create Articulate Package. Same issue! It is not doing anything. So, I manually zipped the files (ppta and pptx and intr) and initiated a support call. See the zip file

Didn't have any other issues with the power point.