Engage Interaction will not return to target slide in presentation

I have created a learning resource in which a hexagonal shape hyperlinks to an Engage interaction.

This hyperlink works but when I attempt to leave the Engage interaction a blank box appears which I presume is denying my exit (Exit_Denial.png) because I have not viewed all of the tabs in the interaction.

I am at a loss because I have checked the following:

  1. Within Slide Properties of Presenter branching is set to return the engage interaction to the appropriate slide 
  2. The Interaction Properties of the Engage interactions are set to:
  • Allow user to leave interaction (ANYTIME) 
  • Show "Next Slide" button (SHOW ALWAYS)
  • The Button Label is appropriately altered (See Exit_denial.png)

Why am I not able to return to the target slide? Is it a problem with the player template? I am at a loss . . . . 

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Patrick Doyle

HI Peter,

I have followed the steps but there aren't any fields missing. This, however, is not important as I have selected the option to "Allow user to leave interaction" to Anytime. I don't want to see the dialogue boxes because I want the users to enter and leave the engage presentation at any point.

I will submit a case tomorrow.

Thank fir the reply,