Engage interactions are blank

We have a project Studio\Presenter  '13 project that has built interactions in engage that were working fine. Now when we load the project the interactions are not found and have to be pointed to but do not contain the content that they were created with.

Any ideas as to the cause please? Would it be worth uploading one of the .intr files for you to take a closer look?

Many thanks,


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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Ciarán. It sounds like the original interactions became disconnected from the presentation.

You can share your Articulate Package with us privately so we can have a better look! Use this upload link to connect with my team.

ciaran oconnell

Hi Cristal - Not sure why I am only seeing this now. I thought I would get a notification of a reply but thank you for your offer of help . I have emailed the source of the presentation. The files had not been moved computer but there was a presenter upgrade that was applied before the particular development session.

I would appreciate if you could have a look so we can understand the causes more clearly. It was a frustrating loss of developed content at the time. All rebuilt now. The file provided via separate upload link is as it was at the time of the loss.

Many thanks.