Engage Interactions are embedded in the presenter file

I am working on a course that was created a couple of years ago. I created an Articulate package and moved it to my local drive.

I discovered that there are 34 Engage interactions in the course but I cannot see any intr files.

I opened the ppta file and saw that the 34 interactions were in a directory called embedded content

How do you get interactions to be embedded like this?

How can you convert this so that the interactions become independent intr files? I know I can extract them from the ppta file but with 34 of them this would be significant effort.

Is there any advantage to embedding the interactions like this? I suppose it reduces the number of files you have to track but my ppta file is over 40 Meg.



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Gordon Harding

Hi Leslie,

Thanks for getting back to me. 

How do I open the Engage interactions independently? There are no .intr files.

When I create an interaction, I see the intr file. There are no .intr files in the set of files I copied from the network drive. All the interactions are stored in the ppta file. 

I am not so much trying to convert the files. I am trying to extract them from the ppta file so I can use them in another project. I can extract them through the program I used to view the ppta file internals (7-Zip) but that seems intrusive.

When I edit one of the embedded interactions, I cannot save or save as  the interaction. I can only save and return to presenter

It is possible that this project was originally developed in a previous version of Articulate Studio but I am not certain,