Engange in Presenter: Where is the source?


I have a problem to understand, where presenter saves changes in an integrated engage-file.

Can you tell me, where I can see, where changes in an engage-element are saved?

I start the Presenter-file, start an engage-element, do some changes, save the changes and return to the presenter-file.

But there is no change in the engage file, which is part of the folder, where the presenter-file is saved. Where is the source of the engage-file with the changes/corrections?

Is there a chance to find out, which engage-file I start, when I call "Edit in Engage" from a presenter-project?

Thank you for your help!


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Wolff Metternich

Hi Alyssa,

thank you for your mail.

Are you using Studio '13 or Studio 360? I use Studio 13
Are you on the latest update of that version? No, I don't. I use Version 5
Are your files stored locally or on a network drive? Have you recently moved these files?I copied a folder with the files from a network drive to a local drive. Then I ran into trouble ...

Best regrads, merry christmas and a happy new year!


Alyssa Gomez

Thanks for those details, Wolff.

To start, I would update your software to the latest version of Studio. You can download the latest update here. 

Next, create an Articulate Package to generate a new folder on your local drive that includes the PowerPoint file, the corresponding Articulate (*.ppta) file with audio/video resources, quiz files, and interaction files.

Now the Engage file in that folder should update with any changes you make to the interaction from Presenter.