Enlarging images without hyperlinking to another slide

Hi all,

Great work with this community, so many interesting ideas to inspire!

I was wondering if someone could help with this issue. If i have 3 images on my ppt slide, is there a way i can zoom in when i click on them? Baring in mind that there will be a video playing in the presenter panel which needs to be playing throughout the period the images are clickable therefore i dont think directing to a different (hidden) slide is possible.

Would be greatly appreciated if someone could offer some advice in either Presenter or Engage.

Many thanks

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David Anderson

Hi Osman!

First off, thanks for the cool feedback on the community It's appreciated and good to hear you're finding it helpful.

I was going to say "use hidden slides and branching" but it sounds like you've considered that. You're right that the video panel will get interrupted. What kind of video is playing in the panel on the slides you want the zoom-in effects?

I'm thinking that if the video is just a talking head, you could use a static image and add the audio track as a playlist. That way you can carry the same audio across the main slide and the 3 zoom-in branching/hidden slides.

Are you familiar with playlists and how that would work? David Fair has a good screencast on doing pretty much what you're asking: https://player.vimeo.com/video/148909150 He's using tables in his example but the concept is almost the same.

If that doesn't help let us know and we'll see what else we can come up with.

Anonymous User

Thanks for the quick reply David.

Yes I had seen an example on using playlists, and it offers a great alternative but just wanted to see if any of the geniusues here might know of a way of doing it outright. The video in the left panel is an instructor, and although not vital to see him, is definitely preferred as this one slide might look odd without him.

Thanks again for the help though!