Error: content cannot be displayed in a frame - Video issue

Hello Everyone!

Please help asap, if you can swing it, thanks so much.

I am experiencing a recurring problem embedding a web object (YouTube video) into my course.

I keep getting the same error message:

This content cannot be displayed in a frame

The course is attached and it is SLIDE 32 that is giving me this error when I preview.

I remember that the problem may go away if I Publish, I think, one the Staff Heroes told me that, is that right??

I have a deadline on this project and another course of 2-4-13.

All that is really left to do is get  the video's up and rolling.

And some will require Spanish Subtitles as the particular videos are not available in Spanish.

i will be using Wondershare for that.

Thanks for your timely response: )


Dan D.

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Dan Dolen

Peter! Praise the Lord. lol : )

Yes, here's what is interesting:

when I test the code in "web object" (in edit mode- you know testing the link - both videos play fine.

I have permissions for both videos.

When I publish - Slide 27 - shows nothing - not even a place holder.   

And Slide 32 - when published just shows the embed code.


I still have to add subtitles to Slide 27: "the JAMA Report" video with Wondershare software that is brand new to me and to the company.  Again the deadline for completion in 2-4-13, live posting deadline 2-8-12.  I am really appreciating the heck out of you PA!!!

Thanks a Mill!

Dan D.

Peter Anderson

Hey Dan!

So you're right; I got the same results as you I didn't see your original .story file attached, so I went ahead and tested in a new file. First I inserted both YouTube videos via Insert > Web Object, and neither played correctly when published and uploaded to my Articulate Online account.

I then added them both via Import > Video > Video from Website and was able to get both to play with no issue. You can view my published sample here. The first two slides are of the videos inserted via web object, the next two are the videos inserted as videos from a website.

It's not uncommon for websites and videos to restrict themselves from being played within a frame, like a web object. So I'm wondering if you have specific reasons for wanting them inserted via web object, rather than as a video from a website...

Dan Dolen

Hey Peter!!

Thanks buddy!

No I have no reason to use "web object" other than I just don't know any other way.

Some of these videos will be replaced with "Wondershare" files as I have added Spanish Subtitles.

I think I need help. Do I just select: IMPORT - VIDEO - Video from Hard Drive??

Hey Peter, do you know anybody who's hiring?

My boss is a you say uhh hostile work environment? It's most unpleasant.

Thanks for any and all advice and help.

BTW: I shine in design ideas in storyline, the technical part of e-learning I am learning, but it doesn't come as naturally as design and scenario ideas - I was born with an imagination etc, so I love brainstorming new ways to engage and entertain while teaching.

I am willing to relo to San Diego or Ft. Collins or West Palm, FL.  It will be below zero here in IL tonight.  Brrrrrr,,

Peter Anderson

Dan, hey!

Sounds like you might want to go ahead and use the first method described here, and let me know if you run into issues that way. 

As far as escaping your dragon-boss, keep your eyes peeled around these forums We see contract and and full-time work pop up weekly. 

Good luck, and let me know how it goes!

Angie Elliott


I noticed that you refer to helping Dan with his .story file in an earlier response,but I am receiving this error within an Articulate Presenter '09 file.  Is there a way to add this video from a webpage in Presenter like it is demonstrated  in the method you linked to above which was demonstrated in Storyline?

I am receiving this error when trying to link to both YouTube and Vimeo.

Thanks in advance for the help!


Alex Burford

Hi there,

I came up against a similar problem. I wanted the youtube controls so had to import as a web object (this is relatively new no? I'm sure I remember having access to these controls when I imported as video a year or so ago). However, I was getting the same message. Settings on the video were as usual. I got round it by changing the URL to:

Hope that helps someone else out there who may be experiencing the same problem.