ERROR: Could not find process window hande.

Hi, has anyone got any experience with the error message: ERROR: Could not find process window hande.

The message pops up when trying to access anything in the Articulate ribbon.

I've got a 100 Studio'13 users in PowerPoint2010 and just one has got this issue. We've tried the following:

  • repair installation
  • deinstall current version, reboot, reinstall new version (several times)

And in some cases it seems to work for a day and then appears the next again. It even pops up when you open powerpoint itself (not an existing pptx file)

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Jeff! I've not seen this error before and I'm not seeing anything really in the forums or via Google in general actually.

Due to this affecting only one person and upon launch of Powerpoint, I would advise that they may need to correct their Office installation and that can be found in our solution here.