Error during install: Access Denied (0x5)

Feb 06, 2012

I did a quick search and didn't find anything on this - sorry if there already is an answer somewhere.  If there is can anyone point me to it?

Otherwise any suggestions with the following error that happens during installation would be helpful:

"The following error occured on the file C:\Program Files\Articulate 2\Articulate Engage\templates\resources\autorun.inf. Access is denied. (0x5)"

This is a screenshot of the error:

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David Janus

Hi Peter - back again with the same problem.  I have a client who has had their hard drive replaced, and they did not un-install Articulate Studio before the old HD was removed.  Now, when trying to install on their new HD, they are getting the above same error.

So there are no project files to upload on the link you gave above - any advice?

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