Error Importing Video using Articulate Studio 13

Oct 14, 2015

This if the first time I've had this issue. It just started out of the blue. I've used this functionality many time with no problem. Now... once I add a video (into slide) from the Articulate tab and re-open my project. I get an error stating it needs to be repaired stating that "controls in presentation can't be activated" .  It works fine if I import a presenter video or regular PowerPoint video. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

I think I've tried it all. Even a complete re-install.


Michael J.

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Michael -- Thanks for your question and so sorry to hear you are running into issues. I appreciate that you have mentioned that you've tried a complete reinstall and that was not successful in addressing the problem. It sounds to me like you are being impacted by the recent Flash Player 19 issue, so please review this information, as well as this page for more information on how to proceed. Please let us know you still need further assistance! 

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