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Rochelle Maher

I have just started using Articulate.  When I go to publish I get an error.  See attached.

After reading this thread, I have

- checked and all my PowerPoint animations are "fade" or "appear"

- checked all my smart art images have been converted to PowerPoint shapes

- checked that I am using the presenter player template.  In regards to the suggest in this thread, I do not see a "search" option to turn off.  I have reset the player template

- checked that there are no hidden slides

- checked I have turned off all other COM Add-ins for PowerPoint

- checked that the Articulate COM add-in is enabled

My file has imported WAV files for my audio. (format = WAV microsoft signed 16bit PCM).  It is not a large file (2mb) that I am publishing.  I'm publishing for LMS output with HTML5 but no Articulate Mobile player on iPad.

What am I missing?   Thanks for any ideas or suggestions!

Rochelle Maher

Turns out two objects on my slides were causing the publishing error.

- tables

- check boxes inside the tables

I did NOT have to reinstall articulate or windows. 

Looks like a good summary of what I have read on this error, here and other places, is that Articulate has a limited set of slide objects and animations it can publish.  Now that I know which ones work, I'm sticking with them.

Another work around I found (which you probably already thought of) is to take a screen capture (Snagit) of the slide, then placing the image on a blank slide.  Tougher to animate but if you need a table to look the exactly way the SME provided it to you, this worked for me.  Good Luck!

Jennifer Murberg

Ricardo La Rotta said:

Dear all

I found a way to publish my project that may help others experiencing similar issues!!

I noticed that when the error occurred, a new slide appeared at the end of my PowerPoint file, which had an image I recognized. It was a smart art I had used in one of the slides of my project. I decided to preview that specific slide (Menu/Articulate/Preview) and I saw that the same error occurred.

After that, I tried transforming that smart art element for a regular image (png), then I tried previewing the slide (Menu/Articulate/Preview), and "voila" the error stopped occurring.

In other projects where I was experiencing the same error, I started checking slides were I had used smart art figures or similar. I found that the errors were related to smart art elements or charts although not all of these type of figures were related to errors in the publishing process.

I hope what I found can help Articulate fix this bug

Thank you Ricardo! This works!

Mireya Serrano

Hola, está enviando el siguiente mensaje cuando intento convertir a web en Articulate 13


"we're sorry, something went wrong with articulate presenter and it might close.

you can help us fix this bug by sending us information on what went wrong. Be as detailed as possible- everything helps!

what were doing before this ocurred? does this error happen regularly?

we'll only contact you if we need more info in this error" 

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Umer!

Are you following the directions below:

Articulate Storyline has an option to publish for local playback. Use this option if you need to deploy your course on a CD, DVD, or standalone computer (kiosk). See this tutorial for details.

You may find that the output folder is empty after publishing an Articulate Presenter course for CD. This can occur if your security software is configured to block autorun.inf files. Please review this article for more information.