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Alan Albert

Hi Christine!

I'm always ready and able to help you find new issues. LOL

Last week while at a client site I reinstalled Articulate Studio 09 on my laptop. I ran into the too many licenses issue. I have it installed on two machines, laptop and desktop. Articulate stopped working on my laptop so I couldn't disable the license before reinstalling. Tech support sent a number to me to get the laptop up and running. Unfortunately, I think that did something to my desktop computer because the Articulate menu item disappeared from PowerPoint ribbon.

I used PowerPoint Add-ins to get the ribbon back. However, nothing works when I click and Articulate function. Instead, I get the error message. Oh, wait, the help drop down works in the Articulate ribbon just fine.

I'm really reluctant to try any fixes until I hear from the Articulate experts.

Thanks in advance for your help. I know you and others have been responding to my pleas for help and I haven't done a great job of thinking everyone for help.

I'll hang up now and listen for your answer. :)

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Alan!

That's fine! We need to be ready to troubleshoot anything that comes our way, so the more information the better!

Is this the process you used to fix the Presenter ribbon in PowerPoint?

I'm not sure what process our tech team had you go through for fixing the licensing issue. Do you still have access to the last email response for that case, or the case number? 

In the meantime, you might want to try this process and see if it solves the issue. 

And - We're happy to help! The community here is absolutely awesome and I'm sure everyone knows how much you appreciate their help

Thanks, Alan!