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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Amanda,

If you've already run through all the troubleshooting steps documented in these two links:


then I'd like to have you work directly with our Support team. You can connect with them here. 


d g

Hi I have this same problem. It seems to have happened after i downloaded a trial of Storyline 2. Quizmaker 09 won't roundtrip from Articulate Presenter 09, but it does work on its own. I followed the directions on this forum. I uninstalled Studio 09, rebooted, ran the regEdit provided. Still no luck. I am not able to reinstall my Microsoft Office 2010 due to an IT issue. Can you help?

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi DG, 

Thanks for reaching out here and I'm sorry for the issues you've run into. If you're unable to go through all the steps documented there we may need to have you work with our Support team to get additional information on elements that could be interfering with the behavior - but are you able to connect with your IT team to see about completing all those steps? 

Amanda Bishop

I worked with the Support team and learned that there is a glitch of some sort in the software that makes the Quizmaker 09 file want to open with the later version of Studio, but also creates a ".backup" file that still works with Studio '09.  I'm waiting to hear if this glitch is going to be fixed before I purchase Storyline 2 - the way it is now would just create too many backup files with the amount of updating I do and it would be too confusing.

Ashley Terwilliger

Error accessing Articulate Engage '13 and Articulate Quizmail '13 tools

From power point 2013 does not work the Articulate Presenter '13

See the picture Attached

Hi Italino,

I'm sorry to hear that Studio '13 isn't working for you - I'd want to have you take a look at the steps here to enabled the Presenter ribbon and if Quizmaker and Engage are also not working separately I'd recommend going through the repair steps detailed here.  If you're still running into problems with it not working, let's get you working in a Support case with our Engineers and that can be opened up by visiting this form.