Error when learners hit Quiz

I have just completed a rather big project and finally got the module published.  I viewed it several times locally before publishing it to the LMS system we use.  I went through all of the slides many times and took and retook the quiz to check for errors and accuracy.

I got the eMod published to the LMS and had my first learner go through it.  Everything went find until they hit the quiz.  After question one or two, they started to receive an error stating that "The system cannot locate the specified resource".  They would then get this box on subsequent slides until the quiz was completed.

I pulled the module down, went through it again, and after emptying out the folder that contained the presenter files for the module, published it again.  Again I moved it back over to the LMS, (we are using SCORM 1.2) and put it back out there for use.  This time I ran it from the LMS site and sure enough when I got a couple questions into the quiz I too got the same message.

Funny thing is, you can go ahead and complete the quiz and the module, you just end up dealing with the error box on every quiz slide.

If anyone has run into this or has any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate them.

For now, I am putting this to bed until after the 4th!

Happy Independence Day to all.


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Eric Bybee

Wanted to provide an update.  Over the weekend I tried this from an updated IE browser (8.0) and it worked fine.  This morning when I got into the office I also tried the module from my PC using Firefox, and no issues.  The quiz worked just fine,  I guess there is something with IE-7 that is causing the problem.  I am going to see if the IT team can give me some guidance but if this sounds familiar to anyone, please chime in.


Justin Wilcox

Hi Eric. I would ask your IT folks to see if they can duplicate the issue on another computer with a similar set up. I would also ask them to use something like HTTPWatch so they can see exactly what's happening on that computer when they get the error:

My first guess is this is a computer specific issue, not an issue with IE7.

Eric Bybee


Thank you for the tip.  I did get with my IT folks and I was able to duplicate the issue on a number of our local and store network PC's.  After working on this yesterday for a few hours I stumbled onto something.  The issue seems ( I must state that I am NOT a programmer so I could be way off base) to be relegated to IE-7.  I am guessing some sort of script compatibility issue.  Anyway, on three different PC's that were experiencing the "specified resource" message; I got the okay to install IE-8.  After the install the module issues went away.  I also found that if I used NAY version of FireFox, the modules performed just fine.  Our company is moving to IE-8 anyway, and the error message does not stop the modules, right now it is more of a nuisance.

I have not made it all the way through the article you sent the link for, but I plan to do so today.  I still have one PC with IE-7 on it so I can check the configurations against the module to see if it makes any difference.

This problem started cropping up yesterday with one other module on the LMS that we use, and at the locations that did experience it it was always the same slide number.  I am hopeful we will migrate to IE-8 sooner rather than later.

Justin Wilcox

Hi Eric. Thanks for the update! We don't have any currently known issues with Internet Explorer 7 so it's possible it's an LMS or server related issue. The HTTPWatch tool should be able to help your folks isolate the cause of the error. If you haven't already done so, I would also contact your LMS to see what they have to say.