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I have been asked by our new LMS provider to include an exit button on the last slide of my presentations so that the LMS can register the course as having been completed.  I am wondering how to add the exit button to the last slide only.  I don't want the course to register as complete unless they go through the whole thing.  Thanks for the help! 

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Dwayne Schamp

There are several way to have the course send the LMS completion. Having a distinct "Exit" button on the last screen doesn't really mean anything. And I'm surprised that the LMS provider thinks so, as every course creation tool can send completions differently.

In Articulate, there are only two ways to have the completion set:

  1. number of slides viewed
  2. passing score on quiz

For option 1, just setting the completion to number of slides viewed will send the completion when that value has been reached, whether it is 1 or 300. This option works best for linear courses where the student isn't jumping around to different slides, and there are no "hidden" slides in the content that might not be seen.

Option 2 is good for both assessed courses and non-assessed where the learner might not see every screen. For courses that have no true assessment, you can add a one slide quiz as the last slide with a passing score of 0, then use that quiz as the completed course choice.There are several tutorials on this method within the forum.

Both of these completion methods are set in the Publish - LMS - Tracking/scoring window.

By the way, may I ask which LMS vendor you are using?


Creighton Ko


I have an exit button that is not working on most of my courses.  they are linear courses and I have to uncheck the launch course in a new window because per articulate  if I don't I get an AIC connectivity error.    I have added the exit button, unchecked the 'launch in a new window box' but at the end the exit button does not work and when I click on the close window at the top of the browser window I do not get a course completion in my LMS (PeopleSoft ELM 9.1).  What is funny is that one of my courses I am able to click on the exit button and I get a course completion.  

Can someone please let me know what are good settings for closing the window and getting a course completion (keep in mind that I have to keep the launch in a new window button unchecked).


Creighton Ko

Hi Dwayne,

Also as a test I uploaded 2 courses without the exit button and "Track using number of slides viewed"  For the reporting status I used Passed/Incomplete and Passed/Failed.  Both of these did not pass the comletion to PS ELM.  The courses are still showing 'In Progress'.

Thanks again for your assistance.


Justin Wilcox

Hi Creighton.

I would adjust your player template so that the course does not launch in a new presentation window. You can do that here:


I would also review this article that outlines how to troubleshoot LMS issues:


Creighton Ko

Hi Justin,

Thanks - I already have the 'launch in a new window' button unchecked and have reviewed the article.  I guess my next question is could the reporting status (Pass, fail, complete, incomplete, etc.. ) unique to certain LMS systems?  or do all systems accept and understand all statuses?

Thanks again for your help!

Justin Wilcox

I have seen issues with using the different reporting options depending on the LMS but in most cases Passed or Complete are fairly interchangeable. Typically when I have seen the exit tab not work it was due to the content not communicating properly with the LMS. Like if you publish a presentation for LMS and upload it to the web and launch it via player.html, the exit tab won't work. If you take the same presentation and upload it to an LMS, the exit tab will work.

I would suggest testing your content in the SCORM Cloud per that article I provided a link to and see if you can duplicate your issue there.

Nitesh Jain

Hi Justin,

I publish a LMS course with 'number of slides viewed' settings. Once the user completed the slides (in any order) the next item in Table of content of LMS (which is survey in my case) become activated. Right now, I need to exit the course only then survey link in TOC of LMS become activate.

Please help me to resolve this issue ASAP.