Exit from a slide

I created a course and at the end of the course, they take a review.  If they pass the review, I ask them to take a survey.  From the survey, I'd like to close the course instead of waiting for them to do so.  This will go on an LMS.

1.  How do I create an "exit' button

2.  Will I get separate results for the Review (quiz) and the Survey?

3. If they fail the Review, they have to retake the course.  I'd like it to close, too.



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Brian Batt

Hi Norma,

To create an Exit button, you can enable the tab in your Player Templates.  See the Toolbar menu in the link below:


Alternatively, you can put an Exit button directly in the slide using this workaround:


Regarding your second question, Articulate Presenter only allows the ability to track by slides viewed or by one specific quiz in a presentation. If you would like the ability to track multiple quizzes, you may be able to do so by following these unsupported workarounds here: 


In regards to your third question, you can set the branching on the quiz so that the end-user goes back to a previous slide.  See the "When user fails, Finish Button" section:


Marloes van Wouw

Hi Brian,

Thank you for the advise on the exit button and I found the swf files for the exit button directly in the slide.

However, at the moment I am having some difficulties to use these swf files as they are not invisible (on my slides nor in the course) and I get an error message when I click on it.
Could you explain how I can use these files as some kind of a hyperlink to exit the course (on several slides within the presentation)?

Thanks in advance.