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Justin Wilcox

Hi Bill.

We do not provide all assets with the SDK, only those noted in the documentation. What specifically ate you looking to do? You can exit a presentation by clicking the X button in your browser window so I would suggest not using the Exit tool. The only way I can think of to do a redirect to a URL is to include a quiz with a finish button that redirects to a URL. You can remove most elements of. A quiz that make it appear to be a quiz so perhaps that's an alternative solution. 

I have asked our sales team to follow up with you regarding your SDK purchase.

Curtis Wilson

Peter, That send us the file thing didn't work out for me last time I tried it with a more unique problem.  Despite zipping the file it was too large and your mail server bounced it.  I tried to send screen shots and a stripped down ppt, but I never heard back from anybody.  Please let me know when I can get the working link with the solution to the non-working "Exit Now" button, I'm sure it's a simple fix.  Thanks.