Exit tab on Internet Explorer 10

We have a lot of Articulate courses on our LMS and we are moving to IE10 in the near future. The exit tab in the courses works fine under IE9, but when using the same course in IE10 it doesn't work. The worst part is, that if you start the module again, you are asked if you want to continue but if you do so your on the home page, with the exit button showing and no navigation in the navigation panel.

How can we solve this problem?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Marlies,

I wanted to point you to this troubleshooting article on why the exit trigger may not work. 

I wanted to point you to a similar thread (albeit about Quizmaker) where the users were able to run IE10 in compatibility mode to help:

Compatibility View lets you see specific web pages as they would appear in an earlier version of Internet Explorer. To avoid tracking issues, configure Internet Explorer to use Compatibility View for your LMS content. Click here to learn how. Compatibility View can also be enforced through Group Policy by network administrators.