extra . in player link

I'm trying to hyperlink to one of my players, http://solutions-unlimited.co.nz/10%20steps%20to%20Success/player.html  It works fine, but when I insert it as a hyperlink, it looks fine, but then in the email, when the user clicks on the link there's an extra . , i.e., player..html so it won't play.

Any ideas?  It's driving me crazy trying to fix something that looks fine when I paste it, but then grows an extra dot!

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Frances Steinberg

Hi, Brian.  Yes the problem is that the link itself works fine.  Then when I send an email with that as the hyperlink of the "click here to see a movie" button, when the receiver clicks on the "click here" the link loads as player..html instead of player.html.  I can't edit it because the link itself is fine when I enter it.

It's the only one of my links that does it.  All my other player.html links work fine like that.  It's just that I can't figure out how to stop it loading the extra "." when it's not there when I set it as the hyperlink.

Frances Steinberg

Hi, Brian.  Thanks for that link, I think it will come in handy in the future.  In the meantime, I've surrendered to the unknowable forces that wreak havoc and just had the link go to the Movie clips page on our website where they can click on the course and watch the promo.

Thanks for all your help.