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Jan 25, 2012

I have text that contains an extra space once it's published and it doesn't look right. When I combine two words in PPT and publish, then it appears as if it only has one space. For example, "thedocument" in PPT would appear as "the document" in Articulate once it's published. Has anyone run across this?

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Peter Anderson

Hi Joy,

It won't affect already published modules, and the update itself may not resolve the spacing issue you're experiencing. You may also need to use the workaround listed in the troubleshooter if the update doesn't resolve it. Your best bet would be to ensure you're running the most recent version of the software, make any edits necessary to get your course looking the way you want it to, and then republish with the new changes. 

Joy Weyer


I went to the link and put my name and email in and the attached screen popped up. I choose the uploading file in .Exe. I then had 3 choices to remove, repair and reinstall Presenter '09 ( I don't fully remember the names) and I chose the middle one, which I believe just replaced older versions of my current one. Presenter '09 Update 8 was the version that was downloaded. In your article, it mentions that Presenter'09 Update 5 was the version to fix the spacing issues.

Some questions:

  1. I'm assuming that fix is also in Update version 8; is that correct?
  2. Did I make the right choice for the download to replace older versions of Presenter?
  3. I will republish a version with texting issues and see if this new fix has worked; is that the next step?

Thanks, Joy

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