Extracting data (eg applicaiton versions) from published files for QA purposes

We are looking to improve our audit of files so we can trace the published SCORM files back to the PPT.  The main file we have found is the Meta.xlm file produced at publication time.  This gives us

1. Project ID - unique id needed to ensure SCORM update files are correctly linked to previous data in LMS

2. Title - free text field that can be entered during publication

3. Time date stamp of publication

4. enabledownload flag

5. Description - free text field that can be entered during publication

6. Keywords - free text field that can be entered during publication

7. Presenter version used to publish


But we cannot find any autogenerated capturing of the file which was used to create the actual SCORM file.  Ideally we try and enter this in the free text field but you have to remember to update this manually before publishing and so it is a dangerous method for audit trails.

Also we are trying to do a similar thing with the embedded quizmaker files but nothing seems to be captured in the published files on these - at the moment all we can do is unzip the quizmaker file and obtain the quizmaker version manually.

We have been through all the published files after publishing to SCORM and can only find the above - any ideas or is it possible to add this to a feature request.  It would help use QA work and knowing the version of quizmaker used would be useful supporting info during bug reporting.




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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Jeffrey, 

Interesting idea and setup you have for the QAing of published files. It's absolutely something we can submit as a feature request, and I'll do that for you (email confirmation to come shortly). 

I know some folks look into the published output folders to try to find this type of info, so I'll leave the specifics of that to Community users who have done so. A  really basic trick to find out what version a course was published with is to inspect the details in the browser data. I mostly use Chrome to do this - so you'll look for View -> Developer Tools -> View Source. You'll find the name of the tool (i.e., Storyline, Quizmaker, etc.) and the build number listed near the top. 

Here's how it looks from a Storyline course I had handy: 

Hope that helps, and I'd love to know more about what you end up implementing!