Extracting File for Loading of Published PPT to Sharepoint site or to Send by Email Attachment

I have a PPT that I have worked on using Studio '09. I have published and zipped like normal for LMS however we are not going to load it to our LMS like usual. My internal customer wants to receive it by email to preview, then post it to their SharePoint site for others to view. I thought we use the presenter_.html file out of the published or zip file to do this however that doesn't seem to be working. Hope this makes sense. Anyone know what I am doing wrong. We typically don't do this. It is a one off situation. 

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Stefanie!  If you need to have somebody view the presentation locally (from their desktop files) rather than from an LMS, you'll want to publish it for CD.  It will give you a version of the project that you can open without hosting it online.

Do you still have the course files to republish it?