Failed to detect Articulate Presenter process

I seems like many of your other users I am now getting the dreaded Failed to detect Articulate Presenter process  I have tried as many of the How to repair options as I can find, No I cannot even delete Studio 360 as it says PowerPoint is running ( no it's not !! - checked task manager)

I do not have full admin rights to my PC so having to deal with the IT team to resolve this. 


Any suggestion or assistance gratefully received

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Katie Riggio

Hi there, Gary!

I'm really sorry you're stuck at that error. You've done a lot of excellent troubleshooting, and we'd love to help you sort this out!

We've heard a few reports from customers that a repair for Microsoft .NET Framework (in addition to the Studio repair) helped resolved it:

Either way, I'd like to get our Support team's eyes on this and have opened a case on your behalf. They'll collect more information about your system to help further. Look out for a follow-up email, and I'll follow along so I can update this discussion!

Katie Riggio

Hi, Gary. Thank you for this detail!

I see that my teammate, Angelo, is on the case to help isolate the cause of this error. You're in excellent hands, and I shared your latest update with him.

Let us know if you have any questions about what he sent, and I'll continue to follow the conversation as it progresses!