Failed to detect Articulate Presenter process

Jun 03, 2019

Hi, I get this message when I open a ppt or close a ppt. I have a licenses, restarted and still get this message. When I start someting in Presenter I also get this message and then I can't do anything. Then I have to restart the computer and it works.

What is this message? How can I get rid of it?

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Joy Womble

Hi Articulate Staff, 

I found a solution with removing this error. I simply removed (NOT disabled) the Articulate Presenter add-in from PowerPoint. I do not use Presenter, so this was the easiest resolve. Instructions on how to do this is attached. 

Chris Clark

I downloaded onto a different computer and was able to complete what I was working on. I went back to the other computer, and it had the same issue, so I sent some details of what I was working on at the time of the problem (through the auto dialog box that pops up when there is a problem). I would imagine that we will need to delete and download it again on the other computer which is difficult because I'm not an IT admin. 

Sajna Thomas

Hi ,

Today I am also facing this issue in my laptop. I opened a ppt file and when i click the Articulate ribbon and select any option under it nothing happens. I restarted my laptop and again tried the same happend but this time it showed Failed to Detect Articulate Presenter. 

How does this happen all of a sudden? I work on my laptop only on weekends and I see this happening.




Sajna Thomas


I had this issue few months back. So I tried redoing the steps I did the last time; Repair Office 365, Unistall and Reinstall studio 360...But this time the issue persists. None of the Articulate ribbon's options work. When I close the file and close powerpoint, it always says not responding and crashes powerpoint.

I dont know what more I can do. Pls help as I need to work on presenter files.



Ren Gomez

Hi Sajna,

I'm so sorry to hear you're coming across this issue again! I know it must be frustrating, so I've opened a case on your behalf to have one of our support engineers reach out and troubleshoot your setup so that we can find the root cause of why this keeps happening.

You're not alone in this, be on the lookout for an email soon!

Sajna Thomas

Hi Ren,

Thank you. It's a bit funny but in my desperation i went through the steps mentioned in Presenter 360: The Articulate Tab on the PowerPoint Ribbon Is Missing ... Though all were set right in my system, I just checked and unchecked the options. And then when I opened my ppt file and clicked the options under the Articulate ribbon, the options worked.....I was able to publish my file successfully. This happened on Sunday. I just hope when I work on it this weekend things will be fine and not behave weirdly again.

I just wish the reason for this weird behaviour is sorted out.



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