failure to update to new articulate version

I am trying to update a studio course that has many (15+) engage and quizzes. When I open the original presenter files and try to publish, I am asked if I want to update. I respond yes, and it starts an update process. The engage and quizzes all need to be located, which I complete. I then get a message "creating presenter backup" box with progress scroll bar. At this point everything freezes. I cannot cancel and must use task manager to close. Am I approaching this wrong- is there a specific order I should follow?



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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Diane! 

What was the original version of Presenter, and what version are you upgrading to?

Are you able to share the Articulate Package with our team so we can try upgrading the file on our side? Go to the File tab on the PowerPoint ribbon, click Share, choose Articulate Package, then click the Articulate Package button.

Diane Wells

First- thank you.
I am not sure of the version needing to be converted-it was created in 2010.
The version I am currently using is recent but not with latest update. I used the articulate package- my concern is that the engage and quizmaker functionality is not included- because I keep needing to relocate them.