False completion with Articulate 9 on Sumtotal

Using Articulate 9 on SumTotal LMS, my training modules are set to complete/ incomplete and they seemed to be working. When I failed the tests and clicked the Finish button, it took me back to retake the test. Now a user has reported failing the quiz and getting a message that course is complete. When I tried to recreate the problem, I did not see it at first. But when I stopped midstream to compose a message and get screen shots. About 10 minutes passed before I returned to the course and the message was displayed stating that the course was complete. When you click OK on the message the course closes and it is marked as Completed. Not sure exactly how long a user has to sit on that quiz area after failing before that message pops up. Completion criteria in Articulate is either # of slides or Quiz Results, not amount of time passed right?. My Reporting status to LMS is set to Passed/Incomplete. LMS is set to 1.2. I am not sure why this is happening. Is this a known anomaly? Is it fixed with Articulate 13?

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Justin Grenier

Good Afternoon Alicia, and welcome to Heroes!

There are no timeouts (or completion based on elapsed time) in any version of Studio, and the Your have completed the activity pop-up is coming from your LMS.  I'd recommend discussing this issue with SumTotal.

If you need to show proof, simply Enable LMS Debug Mode and you can see precisely what completion data Studio is sending to your LMS.

Good luck with your project!